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2000ppm-50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor Infred Ndir Co2 Sensor

2000ppm-50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor Infred Ndir Co2 Sensor

  • 2000ppm-50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor Infred Ndir Co2 Sensor
  • 2000ppm-50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor Infred Ndir Co2 Sensor
2000ppm-50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor Infred Ndir Co2 Sensor
Product Details:
Place of Origin: shanxi xi'an
Brand Name: Kacise
Model Number: KCS503
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: each unit has indicidual box and all boxes are packed in standard packages or customers requests available
Delivery Time: 5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description
Storage Temperature: -20-80℃ Operating Temperature: -20-60℃
Operating Humidity: 0-90%RH Work Pressure: 0.8-1.2atm
Supply Voltage: 5-5.5V Maximum Operating Current: 100-150mA
Range (Customizable Supported.) Can Be Up To 100% Vol): 2000-50000ppm Measurement Accuracy: ± 20ppm Or ±5% True Value Ppm
Reaction Time (T90)): 30-40s Repeatability(Zero): <±50
Repeatability(50% FS): <±5% Of The Measured Value @50% F.S. Life Span: 10
High Light:

50000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor


2000ppm Carbon Dioxide Sensor


2000ppm Ndir Co2 Sensor

KCS503 Infrared CO2 Module









1. overview

KCS503 is a gas detection module based on the principle of NDIR infrared absorption, suitable for detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide in a gaseous environment at room temperature.

KCS503 adopts a patented optical cavity, imported light source and dual-channel detector to realize the reference compensation of dual optical paths in space. KCS503 has good selectivity, no oxygen dependence and long life.

KCS503 has UART, 485 output and 4-20mA current output (or analog voltage output) to facilitate customer selection of applications; The KCS503 provides zero point calibration, sensitivity calibration and clean air calibration commands, and provides a manually calibrated MCDL pin for customers to perform relative zero calibration of sensor modules using outdoor free-flowing clean air.

KCS503 adopts convection diffusion ventilation method, and the diffusion speed is fast. KCS503 is designed for CO2 concentration measurement in high humidity environments such as mushroom rooms, incubation rooms, and agricultural greenhouses. It can also be widely used in HVAC fresh air control, indoor air quality monitoring, agricultural and animal husbandry production process monitoring, can be installed in intelligent buildings, ventilation systems, robots, automobiles and other applications, can also be applied to other narrow space air quality monitoring.




KCS503 exterior view




2. Technical Parameters



parameter symbol minimum Typical values maximum unit
Storage Temperature Tstg -20 - 80 °C
Operating Temperature TA -20   60 °C
Operating Humidity HA 0   90 % RH
Work Pressure PA 0.8   1.2 atm
Supply Voltage Vs 5 5 5.5 V
Maximum Operating Current Imax 100 120 150 mA

Range (Customizable supported.)

Can be up to 100% vol)

Ra 2000 10000 50000 ppm
Measurement Accuracy Accuracy - ± 20ppm or ±5% true value ± 300ppm± 5% true value ppm
Reaction Time T90 - 30 40 second
Repeatability Zero     <±50   ppm
50% FS -  

<±5% of the measured value

@50% F.S.

Life Span   3 10 15 year




3. Structural Dimension Drawing

Unit: mm











4. Release Notes

In order to facilitate users to better use this product, V2.2 version on the basis of V2.1 version, update the working conditions and performance characteristics in the technical parameters, because the installation instructions have no content, so the installation instructions are removed, and the calibration-related commands are deleted.

5. Matters that should be paid attention to in maintenance

The sensor should be calibrated regularly, it is recommended that it be no more than 3 months, and calibration is not required if automatic calibration is turned on for long-term operation

Do not use the sensor for a long time in an environment with a high density of dust.

Please use the sensor within the range of the sensor's power supply.

6. Ordering Instructions

In order to be able to purchase the specific specifications required, please provide the following information

1) Sensor name 2) Sensor range 3 ) Sensor measurement accuracy

For example, KCS5003 5000ppm




7. Ordering Information


Order information sheet
KCS503 KCS503 CO2 concentration sensor
  xxxx The sensor measures the range of CO2 concentration in ppm, with a minimum value of 2000 and a maximum value of 50000 ppm.
2000 Range 200ppm (default).
10000 Range 10000ppm
50000 Range 50000ppm
  encode The reaction speed is divided into two types: fast and slow
S Slow (default).
Q fast
  encode Baud rate selection, support commonly used baud rate 2400 9600 19200 38400bps, 8 bits of data, 1 bit of stop bit, no check bit: Confirm special needs before ordering.
Custom Confirm the baud rate before ordering
2400 2400bps baud rate
9600 9600bps baud rate
19200 19200bps baud rate
38400 38400bps baud rate (default)
  encode Serial port protocol
Modbus-RTU Standard Modbus-RTU protocol (default).
Modbus-ASCII Standard Modbus-ASCII protocol
Modbus-Self Modbus private protocol
KCS503 -2000 -S -38400 -Modbus-RTU  




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Tel: +86-29-17719566736


Address: Tangyan South Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China














































































Shorthand Full name
VOL 1% VOL refers to 1% of the volume of a particular gas in air.
PPM 1PPM means that the volume of a specific gas in the air accounts for one millionth.
O2 Oxygen molecules
LCD LCD display
RS485 Asynchronous serial port 485
DC direct current
AC Communication
PVC polyvinyl chloride


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